About Me

Systems Administration

I’m a technology addict that loves to read about and to try the latest software and hardware.  This very blog largely exists because I wanted to play with WordPress and different themes back in the day.  If you were to visit our friends at Archive.org and pull up the way back machine you would see that even back in 2001 I was blogging about tech companies.  Little unknown companies like GOTO were on my radar back then, which eventually became Overture.  Many in the field recognize that name because they were bought out by Yahoo for $1.6 billion, and they revolutionized the search industry with pay per click performance.
Even before that time I was working for a small Internet advertising firm named Bpath competing with a small company named Link Exchange, run by Tony Hsieh.  Tony went on to sell that company to Microsoft for $265 million, and went on to his next venture Zappos.  It might not have been Xerox PARC, but it was the early days of the Internet in more ways than one.  When I moved on from that industry I moved in to the web hosting market, which was the cloud, before it was called the cloud.  I ran a small web hosting company with dozens of colocated servers located around the world.
I developed a love for FreeBSD and OpenBSD back then, and eventually came around to adopting Linux distributions as well.  After working more for large corporations I also learned to respect Microsoft’s offerings, and have enjoyed watching their constant improvements since the Windows NT days.  I still have a love for server administration and this server bounces around a fair amount as a result.  Beyond running it on my own servers I had moved it to SliceHost back in 2008 (became RackSpace.com’s cloud offering for virtual servers), I’ve had it with Amazon as a EC2 instance, and with Azure.  Beyond playing with cloud services you’ll still find me actively exploring and keeping up to date on VMware, Hyper-V, and OpenStack.   With my *BSD and Linux background  I took to loving PowerShell early on, and now respect how Microsoft has truly created such an incredible shell experience.  I am still more than happy to write some code in Python and to work across all operating systems.  I love technology as a whole so I’m not one to push any one particular stack as “the best”.
Scripting and automation now take a greater percent of my time than systems administration.  I went from building servers and deploying applications to cringing when I hear WSDL and smiling when I have a REST API to play with.